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Training for Driver Training Instructors

Training for Driver Training Instructors

1. To maintain the Club Driver Training Program as outlined above, there is a need to maintain a flow of members who are qualified to the Club’s Standards to instruct other members in the practices and techniques of four wheel driving.

2. The Club has four levels of instructor competence:

  • Trainee Instructor
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Chief Instructor

3. The attributes of each of these levels is set out below.

Trainee Instructor

4. Must have completed Basic Driver Skills Training. Duties are limited to general assistance on training weekends and follow up days and to providing practical demonstrations of stall out and hill start procedures under the supervision of an Instructor.

Assistant Instructor

5. Must have been a Trainee Instructor for at least four complete Basic Driver Skills Training courses and have been endorsed by the Chief Instructor to give practical demonstrations of stall out and hill start procedures to trainees at the Club Training Facility. Duties are limited to instruction on stall out and hill start procedures, riding beside students giving guidance on handling procedures and to presenting elements of the course content, under the supervision of an Instructor, to trainees.


6.  Pre requisites are:

  • Must have been an owner member of the Club for a minimum of two years and have participated in at least four Club events of at least Grade 3 difficulty.
  • Must have undertaken and completed the Mandatory Training courses. As an Assistant Instructor have attended a minimum of four complete courses, participating under the guidance of an Instructor.
  • Must have completed a suitable Train-the-Trainer course.
  • Have effectively presented at least four training sessions at a basic Driver Skills Training course.
  • Must have passed a formal assessment of competence to instruct members in four wheel drive practices and techniques to a standard consistent with the Competency Units laid down by the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council Inc.
  • A qualified Instructor from another Club may be admitted as an Instructor following validation by the Chief Instructor and endorsement by the Club Committee.

Chief Instructor

7.  The prerequisites for the Chief Instructor are:

  • Must have been an Instructor for at least five years and have attended at least ten complete training courses.
  • Must have extensive experience in the practical application of four wheel driving practices and techniques.
  • Must have extensive experience in four wheel drive training.
  • Must have completed all other courses covered by this Driver Training Policy.
  • Assessment for the Chief Instructor level must be carried out by the current Chief Instructor.
  • Formal qualifications highly desirable.


The club provides two levels of membership

full member           family member

To be a Full Member you must own a suitable four wheel drive vehicle and hold a driver's licence. Basic Driver Training is provided only to the Full Members. Partners and family members of the Full Member are categorised as Family Members and may undertake Basic Driver training by becoming full members but pay only the annual membership fee component (not the joining fee) and may revert to family membership after 12 months. Details of all membership entitlements are provided at Section 3 (1) of the club by-laws.

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