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Old Andado Homestead NT

Old Andado Homestead NT

Activity Description:

Old Andado Station is a remote tourist and historical homestead inside the western fringe of the Simpson Desert. We are booked to be caretakers of the homestead and local environs for July.2018 During July we are encouraging STFWDC members to come and visit us and to help maintain this piece of outback Australian history. Members can help us do day to day general maintenance of the campground and the homestead. A crucial part of the survival of the Old Andado homestead is the role volunteer caretakers and volunteers play in maintaining the homestead and it surroundings and providing a friendly face for the over 700 people who pass through and stop at Old Andado each year. Also keeping Molly Clarke’s hospitality continuing with giving travelers a cup of tea and a biscuit or scone prior to traveling into the desert. There are now large numbers of travelers heading toward the Madigan’s Line. The general tasks will include cleaning toilets and showers, pump water every second day, garden maintenance & watering, rake/sweep the homestead yard by kitchen, Sweep outside and inside the homestead, collect firewood for kitchen and donkey water heater, wipe out the kitchen cupboards, polish furniture using Cedar polish, black the kitchen oven, clean out the guttering, wash the covers on kitchen veranda lounges, clean the accommodation demountables & sweep verandas, especially after dust storms. Drag the campground and airport and upkeep of vegetable garden. Participants will need to be 100% self-sufficient while you are there. The generator runs for 3 hours a day to pump water and provide lighting for tourists when they are staying, therefore personal fridges running on battery and/or solar will be required. The closest supplies are at Mt Dare 100kms/2.5hrs travel one way. There is a landline telephone onsite available for emergencies. A telephone call from the nearest large town before arrival will be appreciated if any supplies need to be sourced. As care takers we may be wanting any members traveling in the region to transport extra supplies. Traveling members are encouraged to call in as part of their holiday and to linger a little longer if you wish to help out. Please let us know the dates of stay so that we know when you are arriving. This is a unique piece of history, we would love to share it with you and the experience of spending quality time in the outback.

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Washup Report:

Created by:

David Sutton


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Trip

Activity Grade : Grade 2

Date From : 01/06/2018

Date to : 30/06/2019

Max Vehicles : -1

Start Time : 12:00 am

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