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The club's monthly meeting are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Deakin Football Club. The club's AGM is held during the October meeting.

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Murder Mystery in The Wonnangatta Valley

Murder Mystery in The Wonnangatta Valley

The Theme is who killed who and why.
The Wonnangatta murders occurred in late 1917 and 1918, in the remote Wonnangatta Valley. The victims were Jim Barclay, the manager of Wonnangatta Station,[1] and John Bamford, a cook and general hand. Barclay was a well-respected and much-liked bushman, while Bamford was regarded with suspicion, and was known to be easily roused into violent tempers. The case has never been solved.
Day 1 Transit from Canberra to a free camp at Smoko camp.
Day 2 Transit to Wonnangatta Station
Day 3 Transit to Howitt hut
Day 4 Transit to Licola
Day 5 Transit to Dargo River Inn via some grade 4 tracks
Day 6 Transit to Swift Creek via Haunted stream
Day 7 Transit to Mitta Mitta free camp via Wombat Post Office
Day 8 Transit Canberra
Camping fees will apply at Licola, Dargo River Inn and Swift Creek
Vehicles must have minimum of All Terrain tyres in good condition and the vehicle must have been lifted
The mountain environment can change at any time so be prepared for hot and possibly cold extreme conditions with potential for Rain, Snow, High Winds, Flooding, Extreme Creek Crossings, Deep Bog Holes, and Bush Fires. Possible early trip closures due to potentially dangerous conditions can occur.
No Camper Trailors


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Trip

Activity Grade : Grade 4

Date From : 16/03/2025

Date to : 23/03/2025

Max Vehicles : 8

Start Time : 8:00 am

Assembly Location : Dinosaur Muesum

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The club provides two levels of membership

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To be a Full Member you must own a suitable four wheel drive vehicle and hold a driver's licence. Basic Driver Training is provided only to the Full Members. Partners and family members of the Full Member are categorised as Family Members and may undertake Basic Driver training by becoming full members but pay only the annual membership fee component (not the joining fee) and may revert to family membership after 12 months. Details of all membership entitlements are provided at Section 3 (1) of the club by-laws.

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