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The club's monthly meeting are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Deakin Football Club. The club's AGM is held during the October meeting.

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Let’s get together

Let’s get together

Activity Description:

Brindabella National Park is a wonderful area to spend the day. We will explore some of the tracks on the way to Wee Jasper. Our routes will take us to Flea Creek, Webbs Ridge trail, Baldy Range trail, Link trail and onto Doctors Flat into Wee Jasper. We will have a lunch and a splash in the river and enjoy each others company for the afternoon. Happy Hour before we depart then head home via Nottingham and Brindabella Road. Estimated time back at Uriarra is 7pm Requirements – Basic Driver training, basic recovery gear, UHF Radio , well maintained vehicle, good tyres, full tank of fuel, drinking water, Morning tea ,lunch, Happy hour, swimmers, towel and good humour. Please call me on 0418 631 669 if you have any queries.

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Washup Report:

A good day out, on Webbs ridge up the top one of rises is heavily rutted and very loose with dust and picking your line is crucial , we had 2 recoveries in this spot. This would definately make this trip a grade 3 and we would wonder how it would be in the wet. We morning tea’d 9.45 at Flea Creek and got to Wee Jasper by the river for lunch at 1pm. Overall a good trip.

Created by:

Lynne Donaldson


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Trip

Activity Grade : Grade 3

Date From : 13/02/2016

Date to : 13/02/2016

Max Vehicles : -1

Start Time : 12:00 am

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