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The club's monthly meeting are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Deakin Football Club. The club's AGM is held during the October meeting.

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Intermediate Winching and Recovery Course

Intermediate Winching and Recovery Course

Saturday course.

This course is designed to introduce more advanced techniques for recovery in a safe environment for those who have completed their basic driving and basic winching and recovery courses. Participants will get the opportunity to use their winch and recovery equipment in technical situations and on steep terrain overseen and instructed by members of the driver training team. The course is designed teach techniques using winching and recovery equipment in real world exercises including single and double line pulls, vehicle lowering, redirections and securing a vehicle. The course is intended to be a shared learning experience and is targeted for those who have invested in the correct recovery equipment and vehicle preparation and who want to gain the skills and confidence to use the gear safely. The shared learning experience will extend to observers attending on the day.

Essential Requirements include: • Completion of Basic Driver Training and Basic Recovery and Winching Courses, a club member for over 12 months, • Vehicle equipped with an electric winch in full working order • Full recovery kit and any additional equipment you would like inspected or trialled • Good battery condition and reliable electrical connections to winch • Rated recovery points (for double line pulls and if you need to be recovered) • Sturdy clothing including gloves, appropriate footwear, warm clothing etc.

This course is run on steep slopes and a moderate level of fitness and agility is necessary. You will be required to walk up and down steep terrain carrying recovery gear. You are welcome to bring a “runner” with you if required.
The course content includes a refresher for those who have not used their gear for a while and inspection of all recovery gear. Small groups will work together to recover all the vehicles working in three separate exercises. There will be an opportunity to move between exercises.

*Note – Course nomination is essential however observers who want to learn the techniques are more than welcome however will not be involved in the live exercises*

*Note 2: Training Course is intended to run on the Saturday at Talooge but, due to access restrictions to the property, course participants will be required to remain on the property for the weekend. There is a Muster run on the same weekend – if you wish to participate in the Muster when you aren’t training, please nominate for that too.


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Training

Activity Grade : Grade 3

Date From : 18/10/2024

Date to : 20/10/2024

Max Vehicles : 12

Start Time : 6:30 pm

Assembly Location : Cherry Tree Creek, Jerangle Road, Bredbo NSW

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The club provides two levels of membership

full member           family member

To be a Full Member you must own a suitable four wheel drive vehicle and hold a driver's licence. Basic Driver Training is provided only to the Full Members. Partners and family members of the Full Member are categorised as Family Members and may undertake Basic Driver training by becoming full members but pay only the annual membership fee component (not the joining fee) and may revert to family membership after 12 months. Details of all membership entitlements are provided at Section 3 (1) of the club by-laws.

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