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Training Policy

Training Policy


One of the Objects and Purposes of the Club as laid down in the Club’s Constitution is the development of four wheel driving skills and techniques and the improvement of four wheel driving abilities of members and others and to encourage members to participate in four wheel driving activities. Section 12 – Driver and Trainer Education Team provides details of the responsibilities of the Driver and Trainer Education Team with regard to the education program for Club Members.

The following objectives have been taken into account in framing the Club’s Driver Training Policy :

  1. The safety of the instructor, student and vehicle is paramount.
  2. Driver training must be consistent with the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.
  3. It must be aimed at imparting and maintaining the skills needed to undertake Club activities and be consistent with the Competency Units laid down by the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council Inc.
  4. It must provide a process for training interested members to a standard which will qualify them to instruct other members in the practices and techniques of four wheel driving.

Training Courses

This Driver Training Policy covers the full range of driver training provided by the Club. The training covered by this policy will equip members with the skills to undertake Club Trips up to and including Grade 5 level. The grading for trips is set by the Committee and described in the Club Magazine. Training courses have been categorised into two groups. Mandatory Training and Supplementary Training. Basic Driver Skill Training and Very Difficult Terrain and Advanced Recovery are the mandatory courses required to fulfil the requirements for the various Trip Gradings. The Supplementary courses are designed to impart specific skills and techniques which will complement the skills and techniques gained on the Mandatory courses. In addition to Driver Training, this policy specifies the processes to be followed in order to train members to a standard which will qualify them to instruct other members in the practices and techniques of four wheel driving.

The Specific Training Courses covered under this policy are:

Mandatory Courses

‘Mandatory’ courses are those required before participating in Club trips graded higher than 2.

  • Basic Driver Training – “Safe One” Basic Driver Training (for trips at Grade 3).

Recommended Courses

  • Advanced Driver Training – Very Difficult Terrain and Advanced Recovery (for trips at grade 4 and 5).

Extended Driver Training Courses

  • Sand Driving
  • Water Crossings.
  • Basic Winching and Recovery
  • Intermediate Winching and Recovery

Additional Training Courses

  • Navigation
  • First Aid
  • Trip Leader
  • Chainsaw maintenance and safe use
  • Other specific training relating to Club activities such as Camper trailers etc,.

Train the Trainer

  • Train the Trainer course.


The club provides two levels of membership

full member           family member

To be a Full Member you must own a suitable four wheel drive vehicle and hold a driver's licence. Basic Driver Training is provided only to the Full Members. Partners and family members of the Full Member are categorised as Family Members and may undertake Basic Driver training by becoming full members but pay only the annual membership fee component (not the joining fee) and may revert to family membership after 12 months. Details of all membership entitlements are provided at Section 3 (1) of the club by-laws.

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