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Wahalla Bound

Wahalla Bound

Activity Description:

Walhalla is in the Victoria’s High Country and is a village that time has passed by. From 1863 until 1914, Walhalla was one of the richest gold areas in Australia with a population of over 3,000 people. There were 10 hotels, 7 churches, several dance halls, a school with more than 500 students and over 30 shops. Walhalla’s picturesque location in the Gippsland mountains combines the wild Australian bush environment with a colonial style reminiscent of the gold era. Exotic trees and cute miner’s cottages line the meandering street and twisting creek in the steep valley. Walhalla’s unique topography in a narrow mountain gorge meant that the early townsfolk needed to think vertically. Walhalla’s iconic cemetery clings to the side of the hill at a 45-degree angle and the slopes are dotted with cottages built on narrow ledges cut into the steep hillsides. Saturday depart Canberra and transit to a camp site 20km North of Benambra via Tom Groggin, Mt Pinnibar and various bush tracks. Sunday transit to Licola via numerous bush tracks and Billy Goat Bluff track. We will camp at Licola and fees will be charged. Monday transit to Walhalla via the southern part of the Burgoyne track and numerous tracks plus Deep Creek tracks 4 and 2 On reaching Walhalla we will be camping at the Chinese Gardens camp site Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. This camp site is not free and fees will be incurred. (members may want to stay in some of the iconic cottages) The plan is to be able to spend Tuesday and Wednesday exploring Walhalla. There are numerous things to do like: Bass fishing, walking the town, the cemetery, gold mine tours, old train trip up the gorge and whatever tickles your fancy. Thursday we will depart Walhalla and travel some of the old gold mine tracks and make our way to one of the beautiful camp sites near Jamieson on the Goulburn river. Camping is free Friday will be a transit back to Canberra via the Hume highway. Members may stay longer if they wish as I have to be back in Canberra Friday night. On this trip we will be encountering high grade 3 tracks so vehicles must have all terrain tyres or better and they must be in good condition. Some tracks will require definitive line picking. All vehicles who do not have extra fuel tanks must carry an extra 20 litres of fuel.(Note that fuel can be obtained on the way to Walhalla but there is no fuel at Walhalla) All vehicles must carry 40 litres of water and food supplies for six days. As this is the Victorian High Country be prepared for all extremes of weather form blistering heat to snow. Be aware that every thing can change as Bushfire’s snow and rain can change the course of events. Note: No camper trailors

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Washup Report:

Pauline Lymbery Carol McKenzie Julie Reis

Created by:

Michael Patrick


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Trip

Activity Grade : Grade 3

Date From : 17/03/2018

Date to : 23/03/2018

Max Vehicles : 12

Start Time : 8:00 am

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