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Mid-Week at McKillops (Snowy River)

Mid-Week at McKillops (Snowy River)

Activity Description:

This one’s for anyone who can get a mid-week break. McKillop’s Bridge in the Snowy River National Park is an Icon of the Snowy Mountains and one worth seeing. But it’s the tracks in the Snowy River National Park that are the real attraction. This trip we will head to White Box Camp ground near McKillop’s Bridge on (you guessed it) McKillops Road. It’s about 300 km from Canberra so we will leave at a reasonable hour and enjoy the scenery along the way. A couple of highlights will be Little River Falls and Little River Gorge and of course McKillops Bridge itself (oh yes and morning tea or lunch in Jindabyne). Apparently, there is good fishing in the Snowy River if you are so inclined, but don’t take my word for it – I catch fish at the Ngunnawal fish and chip shop. On day 2 we will hit the highlight trails. The tracks include Bowen Track, Bowen Link Track, Waratah Flats Road, Yalmy Road (this one is a bit boring but it links the good ones) Deddick’s Trail. Depending on who you believe these tracks a mix of Grade 3 and high-end Grade 3 (I guess depending on Mr Graders timing) We will end up back at White Box Camp Ground for our second night (unless we choose not too) On day three we head home, but not before checking out Armstrong’s Track. For those not able to do this mid-week trip, I’m hoping to run it again over a three day weekend later in the year.

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Washup Report:

Created by:

Demetrio Veteri


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Trip

Activity Grade : Grade 3

Date From : 11/04/2018

Date to : 13/04/2018

Max Vehicles : 10

Start Time : 9:00 am

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