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Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges

Activity Description:

THIS TRIP IS NOW FULL COMPLETELY FULL. NO FURTHER NOMINATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED – SORRY. The Flinders Ranges is one of the most scenic areas of Outback South Australia and packs some great drives in a relatively small area. Leave Canberra on Saturday 11th overnight in Mildura arriving Flinders Ranges late afternoon on Sunday Sunday night to Thursday AM we stay at Willow Springs Station just north of Wilpena Pound Camping fee (with toilets and showers) are $25/night for 2 and they have Self-contained accommodation as well. Monday, we explore Wilpena Pound (walk) and drive the Bunyeroo Road and Brachina Gorge (Grade 1). Tuesday, drive the incredible “SkyTrek”, a private track – fee of $65 applies (Grade 3). Wednesday, we head up to Blinman, do a tour of the old mine (fee $25) and lunch in the Pub (or pies from the shop) then drive the Artimore track (Grade 2) Thursday, we head up to Vulkathunha (Gammon Ranges) National Park. We camp at Weetootla Campground ($12/night/vehicle) which has a pit toilet only – but showers available at Park HQ. We will also visit the Balcanoona – Park HQ (historical buildings) and drive to Lake Frome (Grade 2). Friday, we drive the Echo Camp Backtrack, great scenery and gorges. This will take the whole day and costs $40 as it’s a private road (Grade 3). Saturday morning some may wish to head home if you need to be back for the Monday however, if you can stay we will drive the Wortura Loop Track (free). The trip will end on Sunday AM at Hawker. This will enable trip participants to choose their own way home either direct or via such places as Menindi Lakes (NSW), Mungo National Park (NSW), Murray Sunset National Park (Vic) Notes 1.While this trip is rated at Grade 3, there is only two short sections of the Skytrek and Echo Camp Back Track that are Grade 3. The vast majority of the driving will be on well-formed dirt roads or Grade 2 tracks. 2.You are welcome to bring along your camper – when we drive the Grade 3 tracks the campers will be back at camp. 3.This is the Outback and while we are close to civilisation please come prepared and don’t expect green grass campsites. 4.The paid tracks proposed are optional and you can choose to go your own way on those days, however we recommend them – they are a highlight. 5.We will have a pre-trip meeting in May to finalise details and to arranging bookings of campgrounds and paid tracks

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Demetrio Veteri


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Trip

Activity Grade : Grade 3

Date From : 11/08/2018

Date to : 18/08/2018

Max Vehicles : 10

Start Time : 2:20 pm

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