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The club's monthly meeting are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Deakin Football Club. The club's AGM is held during the October meeting.

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First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Activity Description:

I am looking for expressions of interest from club members who wish to participate in a First Aid Training course run at Talooge. The course will be run by Paul Morris (Brindabella First Aid Services) Paul has worked as an Ambulance Paramedic with NSW Ambulance for almost 20 years which has given him a broad knowledge base of injury treatment and management. The course he delivers is very much based on the practical reality of patient management. Unit of competency HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid The flagship of the Brindabella First Aid training curriculum, this course covers a broad range of topics to enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations and provide a first aid response to a casualty. It is suitable to both people in workplaces and members of the public who want training in first aid. This course covers topics including: • Abdominal injuries • Allergic reaction • Anaphylaxis • Basic care of a wound • Bleeding control • Burns • Cardiac conditions, including chest pain • Choking and airway obstruction • Crush injuries • Diabetes • Dislocations • Drowning • Envenomation • Environmental impact, including hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration and heat stroke • Eye and ear injuries • Fractures • Febrile convulsions • Head, neck and spinal injuries • Minor skin injuries • Needle stick injuries • Poisoning and toxic substances • Respiratory distress, including asthma • Seizures, including epilepsy • Shock • Soft tissue injuries, including strains and, sprains • Stroke • Unconsciousness The costs for this course is $130 each but if we have more than 20 members the costs will be $110 each. Members may come out for the day or stay overnight.

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Washup Report:

Type surname firstname Count Activity Vehicle Arrive Depart Visitor Full Szabo Alex 1 Mazda BT50 (silver) YJG 05J Saturday Saturday Family Szabo Andrea 1 Mazda BT50 (silver) YJG 05J Saturday Saturday Full Squire Andrew 1 Nissan Navara (Silver) YJL 18G Friday Sunday Family Squire Bronwyn 1 Nissan Navara (Silver) YJL 18G Friday Sunday Full Nicholls Chris 1 Toyota Landcruiser 79-series single-cab (white) Friday Sunday (Julie Nicholls visitor) Full Anderson Jim 1 Toyota Prado 150 (graphite) YJE 02D Friday Sunday Full Broadhead Scott 1 Mazda BT-50 (2012) Saturday Saturday Family Donaldson Lynne 1 Land Cruiser 100 Series YEP 16N Friday Sunday Full Donaldson Rob 1 Toyota 100 Series (white) YEF 62N – GQ Patrol (white) Friday Sunday Full Hayward Stephen 1 2016 GXL Prado 2.8 rego YLQ55H Saturday Saturday Full Warren Tony 1 2016 Mazda BT50 Cab Chassis YLN85H Saturday Saturday ========================================================= Incident Report From: Alex Szabo <> Sent: Sunday, 15 July 2018 6:37 PM To: Matthew Maddigan <>; Peter Reynolds <>; Jim Anderson <> Subject: Talooge Incident Report – fall and minor injury 14 July 2018 Gents, I make this incident report to appraise you of a fall I had last night at Talooge, with the view of hopefully preventing anyone else doing the same. End result, I have some minor abrasions to my shins, all else is ok. Yesterday for the first aid course, the facilitator’s presentation included videos that relied on an internet connection. I set up the long range antenna on the truck to create a wifi hotspot. For maximum signal strength, I moved the truck next to the club house training room. During the afternoon, due to the sun, the curtains were closed. When training finished, it was dark and I went out to pack everything up. My eyes hadn’t adjusted to the dark, there was no light from the training room, and I didn’t have a torch with me. In the dark, I tripped over the rock positioned to protect the access cover to I think a water fixture. If the cover wasn’t broken before, you now know how it was broken. I acknowledge my contribution to my fall. With people being what we are, someone else may have a similar experience (and perhaps worse result) given how many people park adjacent that area. I know we can’t address every trip hazard on the property, but one near the club house poses greater risk. I am happy to contribute solar lights to provide some light near this rock (and elsewhere) to be part of the solution and not just the problem. Another thought is to paint it with luminous paint. For your awareness and consideration. On a brighter note – thank you to everyone involved in organising the first aid training. Andrea and I found it very informative and useful. I relied on it to do some self-diagnosis! Cheers Alex +61 417 579 066

Created by:

Michael Patrick


Activity Status : Approved

Activity Type : Training

Activity Grade : Not Required

Date From : 14/07/2018

Date to : 15/07/2018

Max Vehicles : -1

Start Time : 12:00 am

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